FRIO for better days was created a year ago in order to support the most vulnerable groups both in Mexico and in the United States, we have no profit purpose and everything we give although it is not much is from the heart.


 We give meals, we celebrate children with low income, we distribute food and basic daily food needs , we do not look for donations but if someone wants to help even 1 dollar or go to Mexico to do community service  with us, we will  thank you from the bottom of our  heart.

With or without donations we will continue to help as long as we can, we started the business as meaning for support our family, you dont need much to have  a decent life, its when you live to serve when life starts and thats the legacy i want for my family 

To be able to come back to my community in Mexico and be able to help its by far one of the best feelings in the world, gratitude its all we have for your support  

Our promise to the fox cities

If you have an event or activity related with the community please let us know we would like to help as much as we can. 

- Donations 

-Community Service

-Our Venue 

We usually program all the groups an donations for the year but we can always add for the current or next year 


with all  Covid-19 Percussions 

We are Going to Mexico to be able to bring more 

Basic necessity items to the tarahumara community

(chihauhua natives americans)

Were going deep in to the sierra madre (mountains)

where its the most need.

We always welcome people that want to help 

just pay your trip expenses and we will take care of food and shelter

"Donde come 1 comen 2 " thats the Mexican hospitality,


Frio WILL  Be Closed for  2 weeks in February 

We have a lot of hope that all this goes away (covid-19) & we all can come back to our normal life.

Although this has make us stronger as a family and make us appreciate more what we have & be great full.